Plain White (Grease Resistant) Paper Bags

Plain White (Grease Resistant) Paper Bags

Commonly used by bakers for rolls and baguettes, these strung, food grade white paper bags come in a variety of sizes enabling them to be used as a quick bag wrapping for any light items. Unlike the Plain White Paper bags however, these are coated with a grease resistant coating making them preferable for greasy food products such as Pasties, Prawn Crackers, Chips and Sausage Rolls etc.

All prices are for packs of 1000 bags

Technical description: White Sulphate food grade paper bags 39gsm with grease resistant coating.

As ever, its the buyer's responsibility to check that their items are suitable for their sized goods.

For larger quantities or if you're unsure as to what you need, please contact us via our 'Contact us' page.