Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags


Made from strong ribbed paper, with matching coloured twisted paper handles, these 100% biodegradable and compostable bags are preferred by sellers at craft fairs, boutiques, git shops and those needing presentation bags at parties. 

These bags are available in four different sizes:

Accessory size (Extra Small) - 180x80x240mm
Small - 240x110x310mm
Medium - 320x120x410mm 
Large - 450x150x490mm

Technical description: Twist Handle ribbed Kraft paper bags 90gsm (accessory + small), 100gsm (medium), 110gsm (large).

As ever, its the buyer's responsibility to check that their items are suitable for their sized goods. 

For larger quantities or if you're unsure as to what you need, please contact us via our 'Contact us' page.