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'Supporting your local business.'

We provide a wide range of packaging in Norfolk and across the UK. Established in 2012, 'Supporting your local business'  has always been our philosophy.


No matter how big or how small, we're there to make sure that whatever you're packing you've got the right tools for the job. With a wide variety of carrier and paper bags, padded and card backed envelopes, bubble wrap, tapesmail order bags, single and double walled cardboard boxes, punnets and food containers and everything in between for commercial, retail, agricultural, internet selling, moving home and food providers; we're your one stop shop for getting all packed up. If you want to add that special touch, we also supply a custom printed bag service: designs, samples, prices, printing and delivery all organised directly between you, and us.


Importantly, we're also as green as we can be: our comapany vehicles having been converted to LPG and every effort made to offer a range of entirely bio-degradable bags and food containers